Welcome to the website of SDGM IT Solutions, some years ago we started as a webhosting company providing websites and domain registration services. Through the years we started to provide more and more IT related services for our customers, and now became the one-stop solution for all your IT related issues.

Besides the Linux environments, we have been managing for years and we know so well, we nowadays also manage Windows environments for our customers (Including Exchange, Sharepoint, Lync, etc.), if you are interested in either of these, don’t hesitate to contact sales.

This, however does not mean we lost track of our core business. At this moment we have more types and flavours of hosting than ever before. Besides the “normal” and reseller hosting which we already used to offer, we now also offer business hosting, virtual servers (vps) and dedicated servers, these last two we can offer as managed servers. It does not matter if you need to register a domain, have a website hosted or developed, we always have a fitting solution for you.


Your little piece on the world wide web.

Business Hosting

The assurance that, we will do anything to keep your business website online.

Reseller Hosting

Full control over your hosting package, or resell hosting to your own customers.

Domain Registration

Register your domain and choose from one of the many possible domain extensions.

Server Management

No worries about updating your server, or figuring out how to configure your favourite application.

Web Development

Need a web application which is tailored to your exact needs? No problem, had us your specifications and we will create exactly what you need.